How to Use Reachwerks: Documents FAQ

In Documents, how can I move a document from one folder to another?

Simple, on the right side of the screen you’ll see a box “Selected File Details” and inside of that box is “Where is this file?” here you can see exactly where the file is stored, to change simply select your preferred folder from the drop-down menu.

In Documents, how do I delete a file or folder I no longer need?

Just check the box next to the file or folder and click “delete checked item(s)”

What are the benefits of storing my documents on Reachwerks instead of my own computer?

There are several reasons why storing your documents on Reachwerks is the best option for you.

1)     You’ll be able to access your files from absolutely anywhere. All you have to do is login to your Reachwerks account and all of your documents will be available.

2)      Storing your documents on Reachwerks’ Documents frees up storage space on your computer. Let’s face it, we all have far too much “data” saved on our hard-drives slowing our computers to a snail’s pace.  Once you’ve downloaded your files onto Reachwerks’ Documents, there is no need for you to store it on your hard-drive anymore. With less “data” bogging down your computer you’ll be capable to work at more of a human’s pace instead of a snail’s.

3)     There are so many benefits to using Reachwerks. We’ve worked hard to make this a tool you don’t want to live without. We simplify your marketing and daily operations, we help you handle your online advertising, we help you tackle your appointment and to-do lists—why not let us help you with document management as well? Our goal at Reachwerks is to organize and simplify your life, and having all of your documents stored in one spot helps us to achieve our goal.