How to Use Reachwerks: Calendar

Reachwerks can do so much more than just help you post on Craigslist! With the Calendar, you can manage your to do list in a much more simple way – and Reachwerks will send you a reminder directly to your email inbox when it’s time for you to do that task. The Calendar keeps your to-dos in front of you without overloading you with everything you have to do at once.

To create a new task reminder, log in and go to the  Calendar. Select the day that your task must be completed by and click the Add a Reminder button. Create the reminder using the panel on the right. The title should be clear enough that you’ll understand the task just by glancing at it. If you need more space to describe the task, you can add notes in the My notes about this reminder section.

Remember, the time you select in the drop down box is when the reminder email will be sent to you, not necessarily the time that the task is due.

You can also choose to have the reminder automatically repeat at specific intervals with the drop down under the time selection bar.

Reachwerks’ Calendar even lets you choose who the reminder is sent to, so you can use it to keep important tasks and projects in front of the right people!

If more than one reminder is scheduled for the same day, you can see the order that they are due in by clicking on that day. The bar to the right will have the tasks due ordered chronologically.

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