How to Use Reachwerks: Statistics

All righty then – so you wrote a bunch of awesome ads and started using our fabulous Craigslist Scheduler.  But are those ads actually getting clicked on?  And did you actually remember to post all the ads you wanted to post?  Which ones are working better than others?

Don’t fret.  We keep tabs on all that stuff for you.  With our Statistics, you get two different views of how your ads are doing – the Summary View (for those who want to just pop in and see at quick snapshot) and the Detailed View (for those nerdy folks like us who really like to dig into the numbers).

The Summary View is a simple, graphical analysis of how many Craigslist ads you had scheduled and how many you actually posted.  If you’ve posted over 50% of the ads you had scheduled, your status bar is blue.  If you posted less than 50%, you’re orange.  We also give you the total number of hits that ad has received on Craigslist so far this month.  (You can scroll to other months using the arrows at the top.)

The Detailed View gets into the nitty gritty, including when your ad was scheduled to be posted, when it actually WAS posted, and how many hits it got on each day.  We color code this for you, too, so you can quickly see which days and times perform better than others.

Whether you just need a quick glance or you want to do some real analysis of your ads, Reachwerks has got you covered.

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About is the advertising solution for landlords & managers with rental vacancies in the greater Puget Sound. We have thousands of renters searching our site each day & give you tools to easily distribute & manage your advertising. We can help you fill your vacancy quickly & easily. Visit our website or give us a call at 206-284-2554. Reachwerks provides highly effective, easy-to-use marketing solutions to businesses via our social networking content management, website design and development, email marketing campaigns, and advertising distribution system.

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