How to Use Reachwerks: Archiving & Unarchiving

So you’ve rented out your property, huh? That’s great! Do you want to save your ad but no longer list it in My Current Ads? We’ve made that simple!  First, go into Manage Ads.  Next, make sure that you have deactivated your desired ad by clicking the Turn Ad Off button. Then, click the Archive This Ad button to save it for next time. You ad will no longer be listed under My Current Ads but will be saved in My Archived Ads for future use.

When you’re ready to use your archived ad(s) again, all you do click the Manage Ads button. Then select My Archived Ads. From there, you find the ad that you wish to unarchive and hit the Unarchive This Ad button. Wala! Your ad is now moved back into to My Current Tabs and you are ready to make corrections, or re-post your ad! You won’t have to re-write a description or find more photos, because that’s all been saved for you!

Still have questions? Shoot us an email!


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