How to Use Reachwerks: Manage Ads & Ads Distribution

Alright, you’ve created your ad and it’s looking great! Now what? The first step is to click on the Manage Ads tab. You’ll then see a list of all of the ads that you have created. To activate your ad (so that you can post it on sites like RentBits or Craigslist), click the TURN AD ON button on the ad that you want to post.

To select what sites you are posting to, click on the tiny down arrows to the right of Delete This Ad and a list will show up. Check off the boxes to each site that you want your ad posted on. Your ad will appear within 48 hours on those sites.  To remove it from a site, just uncheck the box.

Oops, did you realize you need to make changes to your ad? No problem!  Just click on the Edit This Ad tab on the desired ad, make the changes you want at any time, and then click Save + Continue.

Once you’re ready to post your ad to Craigslist, simply click the Post to Craigslist tab. Want more information on how to Post to Craigslist? We have that here!

“My property has been rented, thanks to this helpful site! How do I deactivate my ad?”

Once your property has been rented and you no longer need your ad(s) distributed, all you do is click the Turn Ad Off button on the ad.  Now it will no longer appear on any websites and you won’t be able to post it to Craigslist.

“I don’t ever want to use this ad for my property again. How do I delete it?”

Are you sure you don’t want to use the ad again? Because once you delete it, there’s no turning back! Ok, ok, you’re sure.  In that case, all you do is click on the Delete This Ad tab on the ad that you want to delete.  Your ad is now deleted FOREVER!

Still have questions? Shoot us an email!


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