Hacker Smackdown: 3 Quick Ways To Prevent Someone Hacking Your Facebook Account

1. Unless you’re in the movie Spaceballs, your password should not be 12345.

Cover of "Robin Hood - Men in Tights / Sp...

Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz

Yeah, I know it’s annoying to have different passwords for each account. And trying to remember your password when it’s 7K!nn4@3 is far more difficult than when it’s jenny1.

But having vulnerable, easy-to-guess passwords means that even if you don’t fall prey to a phishing scam (more on that later), evil robots can easily run through their databases of most common passwords and take control of your account.

Don’t let the evil robots win.  Reset your passwords occasionally, and make sure at the very least that they’re not on the list of the top 500 worst passwords of all time.


2. Trust no one.

Fake login screens are so dang realistic these days that you won’t be able to spot the difference.

If you get an email or follow a link that looks like your bank, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc., before you login to ANYTHING, make it a habit to look at the URL structure.

Does it say http://facebook.com first?  (Not http://i-swear-this-is-facebook.com/facebook?)  Can’t quite tell?  Then just close the window, open up a new one and type the Facebook URL in there directly.


3. Your mom wouldn’t really like that Sexy Beach Babes video on Facebook. Would she…?

Facebook is awesome, but it’s also a breeding ground for viruses.  Much like my office.

Don’t click on any “Billy likes this link” posts unless you are very, very certain it’s real. It’s tempting to want to click through to see what Billy’s been ogling, but if Billy’s account has been compromised, clicking that link could also compromise your account.


Do you feel a bit safer?  We hope so. If you need social media advice, or just want to complain about how your mom falls prey to these scams daily, give us a call at 206-284-2441 or email us!

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