The Five Most Important Search Engine Optimization Tips For Property Managers & Landlords

You want your property management company or apartment complex to be at the top of Google’s search results.  But how do you get there?  We’ve put together a step by step list of the five most important things to do to your website to help it move up the ranks of search engines:

1. Create a list of targeted keywords that you can actually compete on

If you want to be at the top of the search engines for the keyword “apartment,” well, that’s going to be hard.  But “luxury Belltown apartment” or “Bellevue property management company?”  There’s a lot less competition on those keywords, and you have a much better chance of making headway.  Create a list of the keywords that are likely to be searched and fit your demographic.

2. Divvy up your keywords throughout the pages of your site

DON’T overload your homepage with every keyword you want to do well on.  It will dilute your efforts.  Instead, use the other pages of your site. Focus individual pages each on a small handful of specific keywords.

3. Incorporate your keywords (tastefully!) in your text, Page Titles, Meta-Tags and Image Alt-Text

One very important thing to remember — your clients will be READING this text (even the page titles and meta-descriptions — they show up on search results), so make sure it flows and makes sense.

4. Use your keywords in your page names and in your internal links

Does the page on your website about your services say “” or does it say “”  When you link to that page within your site, don’t use an image – make sure it’s keyworded text instead.

5. Walk through your whole site like a Crawler

Make sure all the links throughout your site work, that it’s not heavy on Flash or JavaScript plugins that search engine crawlers have a hard time slogging through, and that you have a site map (or at least link to every page from every page — say, through a good navigation bar or links in the footer).

So – have you checked all these off?  Is your website up to par?  If not, contact us and we’ll help you get a website that is!