How to Use Reachwerks: Calendar

Reachwerks can do so much more than just help you post on Craigslist! With the Calendar, you can manage your to do list in a much more simple way – and Reachwerks will send you a reminder directly to your email inbox when it’s time for you to do that task. The Calendar keeps your to-dos in front of you without overloading you with everything you have to do at once.

To create a new task reminder, log in and go to the  Calendar. Select the day that your task must be completed by and click the Add a Reminder button. Create the reminder using the panel on the right. The title should be clear enough that you’ll understand the task just by glancing at it. If you need more space to describe the task, you can add notes in the My notes about this reminder section.

Remember, the time you select in the drop down box is when the reminder email will be sent to you, not necessarily the time that the task is due.

You can also choose to have the reminder automatically repeat at specific intervals with the drop down under the time selection bar.

Reachwerks’ Calendar even lets you choose who the reminder is sent to, so you can use it to keep important tasks and projects in front of the right people!

If more than one reminder is scheduled for the same day, you can see the order that they are due in by clicking on that day. The bar to the right will have the tasks due ordered chronologically.

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How to Use Reachwerks: Statistics

All righty then – so you wrote a bunch of awesome ads and started using our fabulous Craigslist Scheduler.  But are those ads actually getting clicked on?  And did you actually remember to post all the ads you wanted to post?  Which ones are working better than others?

Don’t fret.  We keep tabs on all that stuff for you.  With our Statistics, you get two different views of how your ads are doing – the Summary View (for those who want to just pop in and see at quick snapshot) and the Detailed View (for those nerdy folks like us who really like to dig into the numbers).

The Summary View is a simple, graphical analysis of how many Craigslist ads you had scheduled and how many you actually posted.  If you’ve posted over 50% of the ads you had scheduled, your status bar is blue.  If you posted less than 50%, you’re orange.  We also give you the total number of hits that ad has received on Craigslist so far this month.  (You can scroll to other months using the arrows at the top.)

The Detailed View gets into the nitty gritty, including when your ad was scheduled to be posted, when it actually WAS posted, and how many hits it got on each day.  We color code this for you, too, so you can quickly see which days and times perform better than others.

Whether you just need a quick glance or you want to do some real analysis of your ads, Reachwerks has got you covered.

How to Use Reachwerks: Statistics Email

Do you ever wish that everything you ever needed throughout the day could just be delivered to your inbox?

Yeah, we do too.  That’s why Reachwerks created the Craigslist Scheduler and the To Do List Calendar – so that whatever you need to deal with gets sent directly to you.  You can manage your ads and your to do’s from the same place you spend most of your time – your email inbox.

That’s also why we’ve created the Monthly Statistics Emails.  If you’re swamped, you don’t need to try to remember to login regularly and check on how your ads are doing.  We track everything for you and email the results to your inbox at the end of each month.

You’ll receive a Microsoft Excel file showing all your Craigslist ads, along with when they were scheduled to be posted, how many hits they got, and a percentage showing how well you did (for example, if you scheduled four ads and only posted three, your success rate percentage would be 75%).

To sign up, just click on Statistics in your account, and hit the “Sign up for Email Statistics” button.  Select the ad you want to receive stats for, and enter the email address where you want to get them.  Then hit “Save.”  You can have as many stats as you like, to as many emails as you like.  Reachwerks will then deliver the stats in those email inboxes automatically at the end of each month.

Want to dig into more detail about your ad statistics?  Click on “Statistics” again to go back to the main stats page. (We’ve got more info about that section here.)  Have questions?  Shoot us an email!

How to Use Reachwerks: Documents FAQ

In Documents, how can I move a document from one folder to another?

Simple, on the right side of the screen you’ll see a box “Selected File Details” and inside of that box is “Where is this file?” here you can see exactly where the file is stored, to change simply select your preferred folder from the drop-down menu.

In Documents, how do I delete a file or folder I no longer need?

Just check the box next to the file or folder and click “delete checked item(s)”

What are the benefits of storing my documents on Reachwerks instead of my own computer?

There are several reasons why storing your documents on Reachwerks is the best option for you.

1)     You’ll be able to access your files from absolutely anywhere. All you have to do is login to your Reachwerks account and all of your documents will be available.

2)      Storing your documents on Reachwerks’ Documents frees up storage space on your computer. Let’s face it, we all have far too much “data” saved on our hard-drives slowing our computers to a snail’s pace.  Once you’ve downloaded your files onto Reachwerks’ Documents, there is no need for you to store it on your hard-drive anymore. With less “data” bogging down your computer you’ll be capable to work at more of a human’s pace instead of a snail’s.

3)     There are so many benefits to using Reachwerks. We’ve worked hard to make this a tool you don’t want to live without. We simplify your marketing and daily operations, we help you handle your online advertising, we help you tackle your appointment and to-do lists—why not let us help you with document management as well? Our goal at Reachwerks is to organize and simplify your life, and having all of your documents stored in one spot helps us to achieve our goal.

How to Use Reachwerks: Documents

How to Use Reachwerks: Documents

Alright, so we’ve got you hooked. Finally you understand what we’ve been telling you all along—Reachwerks is an amazing tool that helps organize lives.

One great component of Reachwerks is our Documents section. Here you can store files, PDF’s, images, and so much more on our cloud, where it’s accessible to you anywhere and at any time. If you’re out of the country, at your niece’s birthday party or running errands with your grandma you can have your files at your fingertips—with an internet connection of course.

Initial Setup – Our goal is to make your life more organized, so do your thing and organize away. We’ll do the hard part of storing your documents and having them accessible in a moment’s notice.

First, you want to set up different folders, similar to the way you may have it saved on your computer. It’s up to you how many/few folders you have.

  • Just click “Create a Folder” on the right side of your screen.
  • Under “Enter Folder Name” enter whatever name makes the most sense to you.
  • Hit “Create Folder” and voila you’ve got yourself a new folder.
  • Repeat until you have all the folders you need.

Second, you want to start downloading the files you want stored on Reachwerks.

  • Click “Upload a File” on the right side of your screen.
  • Under the “Select upload destination” dropdown menu simply select the folder you want the document stored in.
  • Click “Browse” and find the saved document from your computer and upload it to our cloud by double clicking the document and hitting “Upload”
  • Repeat until you have all the documents uploaded and organized in the order you like.

Third, start utilizing the Documents. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into making this a useful, hard-to-live-without tool just for you, so don’t disappoint us by not utilizing all it has to offer.

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How to Use Reachwerks: Account Settings

Reachwerks is all about simplicity, and that’s why we made changing your account settings easy to access and understand. Once you’ve logged in just click the Account Settings tab at top, or the My Account Settings button on the far right. If you’ve forgotten you’re login information, just email us and after verifying your billing information we can reset your password and send your login email address.

In the My Account Settings section, you can change how your name appears, as well as your login email address & password, and the time zone you are in.

If you need to change where your invoice is sent to, or the credit card connected to your account, click the My Billing Settings. It’s important to keep this information updated, because this is what we’ll use to verify you own your account if we need to reset your login information. More questions? Shoot us an email!

How to Use Reachwerks: Quick Price Change

The Quick Price Change tab is very helpful when all you need to do is change the rental rate on one of your ads. We’ve made that easy for you! All you need to do is go to Manage Ads, then click the Quickly Change Prices tab. From there, you can enter in the new rental rate(s) for the chosen ad. We’ve even made it so you can change multiple property rates all at once!

When you have selected the new rates, simply click Save + Continue and presto! Your new rates have been updated.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email!

How to Use Reachwerks: Craigslist Posting Reminders

You’ve written a bunch of incredible ads for all your vacancies, and now you’re ready to post them to Craigslist.

This is where Reachwerks comes in.  We’re kind of like a personal assistant, reminding you when you need to do things.  (Only we don’t get sick, and we can’t pick up your dry cleaning – yet).  What we CAN do is schedule and organize everything for you, and make your life a little simpler.

With the Craigslist Scheduler, we save all the ads that you want to post on Craigslist (along with all your photos, contact info, etc.) and then let you schedule when you want to run those ads.  When it’s time to post an ad, we email you all the content for your ad, ready for you to post to Craigslist.

Here are the answers to some FAQs about how things work:

Why would I use Reachwerks to manage my ads instead of trying to do it myself?

Some of the main reasons people love using Reachwerks to help them with Craigslist are:

  • We make sure you never accidentally post the same ad more than once every 48 hours (so you don’t violate Craigslist’s rules and end up getting flagged or ghosted)
  • Our professional designers have created a ton of classy, professional and enticing templates for your ads that display your vacancies in the best light possible
  • We place your ads automatically on dozens of other classifieds websites as well (like Zillow, Trulia, RentBits, Oodle, Vast, Trovit, OLX and others) – so you can update pricing in one spot and have it carry through all your advertising
  • We track statistics on your ads so you can see what’s working for you (and what’s not)

How do I create a Craigslist reminder? 

First, you’ll pick a day of the week, and then you’ll choose which ad you want to run.  Next, you choose the time you want to post the ad on that day, and the template you’ll be using.  Hit the “SET” button, and that’s it!

Once it’s set, you’ll receive an email reminder from Reachwerks with the content of your ad, ready to go, at the date and time you picked.

What’s the photo gallery checkbox for? 

A lot of our ad templates are designed to have just a few photos in them (usually between 5-8).  If you have more photos than that, you may want to make sure renters see ALL of them in your ad.  To do so, check the Photo Gallery checkbox.  That will add a copy of every photo you’ve uploaded for that ad at the bottom of the page.

Why don’t you just post my Craigslist ad for me?

Because that’s a big no no.  We are super strict about following the Craigslist Terms of Use (and you should be too).  Craigslist says:

“It is expressly prohibited for any third party to post content to craigslist on behalf of another. Users must post content only on their own behalf, and may not permit, enable, induce or encourage any third party to post content for them.” 

And they also say:

“It is expressly prohibited to post content to craigslist using any automated means.”

OK, I see a box of gobbilty goop letters.  How do I turn that gobbilty goop into my Craigslist ad?

Craigslist will let people use basic HTML code (the same stuff people use for creating websites) within their ads.  This means that instead of just using plain text for your ad, you can bold, italicize, underline, add images, format things into columns, make links, etc.  Our designers and web developers have taken Craigslist’s guidelines for what HTML code they allow, and used it to create some really fabulous-looking adtemplates.

So now, instead of you having to figure out how to use HTML (or just always using boring, plain text), you can just type up your ad normally and select which ad design you want to use, and we’ll convert all your photos and text into a cool looking “mini-web page” within your Craigslist ad.

The HTML code looks like a bunch of… well, gobbilty goop.  All you need to do is copy all of that code and paste it into the box where you’d normally type your Craigslist ad (called “Ad Description”).

Thanks, but I’ve still got questions…

Shoot us an email!  We’re here to help.

How to Use Reachwerks: Craigslist QuickPost

So you’ve already written your ad, and you want to post it to Craigslist.  You can either use our Craigslist Scheduler, or use the Quick Post tool to pop an ad online right away.

First, pick the ad you want to post from the drop-down box at the top – then, choose a template. We have a ton of awesome ad templates for you to choose from (even if we do say so ourselves).

You can add a photo gallery at the bottom of your ad if you want by checking the Photo Gallery box.  (A lot of our ad templates are designed to have just a few photos in them – usually between 5-8 – so if you have more photos than that and want to make sure renters see ALL of your photos, check this box. It will add a copy of every photo you’ve uploaded for that ad at the bottom of the page.)

OK – now it’s time to copy your HTML code.  (Craigslist will let people use basic HTML code within their ads.  We’ve taken Craigslist’s guidelines for what HTML code they allow, and used it to create our adtemplates. )  HTML code looks like a bunch of… well, gobbilty goop.  You need to copy all of that nonsense to your computer’s Clipboard so you can paste it later.

To copy the code, either right-click with your mouse and hit “Copy,” or you hit the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time (If you’re on a Mac, hit the CMD key and the letter C at the same time.)

Finally, hit the Go to Craigslist button.  This takes you to Craigslist where you’ll follow their usual steps (which area are you posting in, what type of ad are you posting) until you get the page where you type up your ad.

You’re now going to paste that HTML code you copied into the box where you’d normally type your Craigslist ad (called “Ad Description”).  Remember – the HTML code already contains all your photos, all your text and your contact info, so there’s no need to retype anything in the description box.

Fill in any other blanks that you want to enter on that page, and hit Continue to finish posting.

Ta da!  You have a beautiful looking ad on Craigslist now.

Still need help?  Shoot us an email!

How to Use Reachwerks: Archiving & Unarchiving

So you’ve rented out your property, huh? That’s great! Do you want to save your ad but no longer list it in My Current Ads? We’ve made that simple!  First, go into Manage Ads.  Next, make sure that you have deactivated your desired ad by clicking the Turn Ad Off button. Then, click the Archive This Ad button to save it for next time. You ad will no longer be listed under My Current Ads but will be saved in My Archived Ads for future use.

When you’re ready to use your archived ad(s) again, all you do click the Manage Ads button. Then select My Archived Ads. From there, you find the ad that you wish to unarchive and hit the Unarchive This Ad button. Wala! Your ad is now moved back into to My Current Tabs and you are ready to make corrections, or re-post your ad! You won’t have to re-write a description or find more photos, because that’s all been saved for you!

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